Principal Nibs

The Principal nib made by Leonardt is a copy of the famous Principality nib, which is appreciated for its exquisite behavior as a very flexible pointed dip nib. Original Principality nibs are now found on auction sites like eBay for close to US$100. There are other nibs thart try to copy the Principality nib, including the Hunt 101 Imperial nib, but the Leonardt Principal nib seems to be the favorite. A group of calligraphers approached Leonardt with their request for a more authentic rendering and helped Leonardt develop this nib, which is very popular.

We provide these pens that contain Leonardt Principal nibs:

Cena regularna
$ 3.00
Cena regularna
$ 3.00
Cena sprzedaży
Cena jednostkowa
Podatki i koszty wysyłki obliczane przy realizacji zakupu

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