Testing our quill nib studio pens

We are preparing to run a consumer test on our quill nib studio pens, which include both pump and fountain pen models. These are simple pens you can use in the studio to draw, letter and write with. Our quill nibs are ideal for drawing, lettering and other calligraphic work.

Take a look at our quill nib studio pens and read about them.

Read about our quill nibs, how to use them and how to shape them.

We're looking for a variety of testers who have the time, talent and curiosity to see what they can do with these pens. Our products always work for us, but we need critical third party testing to make sure our pens will work for you.

If you'd like to try these pens, please send a mesage to testing@ackermanpens.com, tell us why you might be a suitable tester, and we can start a conversation. We will give priority to customers who have ordered from us before and are familiar with our pens. We're looking for 20 testers with various levels of skill and focus - drawers, and calligraphers primarily - but our quill nib studio pens offer unique properties that can be valuable to china painters, decoy painters, and other niche artists, especially artists who use thicker inks and paints. We will ask to see some of your work - either examples posted online or file attachments. We hope to hear from you.