Pressing the pump

The pump function is a major advantage of our unique Pump Pens. You press the pump to get a stronger flow. You get what you press - from a drop to a gush - which is why they’re often considered some of the best drawing pens.

You can press the pump on these unique pens several ways depending on how you hold the Pump Pen.

1. The normal grip

The most comfortable method is to grip the Pump Pen in what I call the normal manner using three fingers - your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

Pressing the pump

Position the pump under any of the three fingers. If you position the pump under your thumb or index finger, as shown above, you can press the pump directly with the finger. Don't press too hard or press repeatedly as you might move the position of the Pump Pen and alter your drawn line.

2. The easy grip 

A better method is to position the pump on top of your middle finger, which wraps around the bottom of the Pump Pen.  

Pressing the pump all three fingers

I moved my thumb in this picture to expose my ring finger. Normally, your thumb and index fingers cross at the level on the side of the Pump Pen. This means you don't see any pumping action. You make very little conscious effort to pump. You just squeeze the Pump Pen gently with all three fingers, and out flows the ink or paint. The action soon becomes unconscious. We consider this the ideal method for pumping.

3. The brush pen grip

This method is effective only when you use the Brush Pump Pen because the Pump Pen is held in the vertical position, but this only works with a brush.

Pressing the pump upright

You can press the pump with your index finger (above) or thumb (below) depending on where you position the pump, which position feels most comfortable for you.

Pressing pump Brush Pump Pen thumb

Both fingers are strong and can expel a lot of ink. This is a good method for inking in large areas with the Brush Pump Pen. Just puddle out the ink and spread it around.

You can always use the three-fingered grip with the Brush Pump Pen when you want to monitor the flow of ink more closely.

Pressing pump Brush Pump Pen