Comparing Pump Pens and Fountain Pens

We manufacture two types of pens - Pump Pens and Fountain Pens.

Pump Pens feature a pump. You can press the pump to increase the flow, which is great with thicker media, such as India ink and acrylic paint. Fountain Pens don't have a pump because some people don't want to pump.

Our pens are configured for larger nibs, such as the Manga G and Brause Rose nibs. Other nibs of a similar size and shape can also fit, such as the Brause Bandzug and Ornamental nibs. 

We provide adaptors for smaller nibs, such as the Principal, Gillott 303, and crowquill nibs. You can insert an adaptor into the front of both Pump Pens and Fountain Pens. This extends the range of nibs you can use in one pen.