About Us

Everyone uses pens, we all have our favorites, and our favorites change over time. What we need is the infinitely configurable pen, but that defies the world we live in. There are physical contraints, and no more so than a tool we hold in our hands. It can't be too small or too big, too thick or too thin, and the feel must be appealing - our hands are very sensitive. The tool's performance must be excellent or we will move on until we find what we're looking for. Few things are more frustrating than a pen that doesn't work as expected. 

We build pens for artists because everyone is an artist when they handle a pen, when they draw, write, even scribble. You are making your mark! A good pen should enable you to draw or write the way you want to. The pen should fit in your hand and feel comfortable. Most of all it should let you use nibs you enjoy and the inks and paints you want to use. 

The perfect pen should be strong and durable yet easy to clean through frequent use with little maintenance, and survive the bumps and falls of everyday use. This is what we try to achieve using a combination of new technology and proven designs. We use CAD applications that let us produce novel designs using new machines that let us recreate features from the "golden age of fountain pens". We use modern materials that serve our purpose, feel good in your hand, remain good looking over time and through use, and prevent ink and paint buildup that can plug your pen.

There is no one pen that will provide everything you want, but we keep trying!