About our Sketch and Music nibs

We designed our Sketch and Music nibs to provide benefits that are hard to find in other dip pen nibs. They both are both semi-flexible dip pen nibs that provide a rich flow of ink for a nice bold line with some variation. They are both modeled after the Manga G nib in size and shape, so they can fit into any of our Manga G Pump Pens.

Both of these unique dip pen nibs are made from flexible bronze, so they are strong, don't rust, and retain their spring for a long time. Neither dip pen nib is tipped, so they can wear down over time, but that should be a pretty long time. You don't have to polish these dip pen nibs, but over time, doing so will keep them smoother and easier to use.

Tipped nibs let you move the nib in any direction. Dip nibs can vary in the range of motion they provide, but in most case you can draw directly down and up to 60 degrees to either side, which gives you 120 degrees of motion, or about one third of a circle.

Our Sketch and Music dip pen nibs double the range of motion to two thirds of a circle. If you are careful, you can move the nibs in almost any direction. Moving the dip pen nib directly up risks catching the tip on the paper, but if the flow of ink or paint is strong enough, you can glide the tip over the flow. You can also draw upwards using a careful looping action.

To do this, you start with a downward movement, begin a loop and slowly increase the radius until you are drawing directly upwards slowly. The faster you move the nib, the higher you chance for catching the tip. 

You can polish the tips to keep them smooth, and you can reshape the tip to experiment with different effects. You don't have to reshape the nib. In fact, we don't recommend it unless you have the right tools. Polishing our dip pen nibs is a good way to get experience with music and sketch pens.