About our Manga G pens

We offer a variety of pens that let you use Manga G nibs - Pump Pens, Fountain Pens and Demonstrators. There are several Manga G nib manufactures, including Zebra, Tachikawa, and Nikko. Connie Chen provides a YouTube video Calligraphy Nib Review: G Nibs illustrating comparisons of each G nib.

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To summarize her conclusions: 

Nikko G nib

  • Medium flex
  • Smooth, no scratchiness
  • Recommended by Michael Sull
  • Least expensive G nib

Tachikawa G nib

  • Connie's personal favorite
  • Finer hair lines
  • More flexible than Nikko G
  • More expensive than Nikko, less than Zebra
  • Hard to start for some people
  • Some nibs are coated with oil that can be removed using rubbing alcohol or passing the nib through a flame

Zebra G nib

  • Finest hairlines because it has the sharpest tip
  • Difference between hairline and swell requires more pressure

Titanium Zebra G nib

  • Titanium coated to last longer
  • More flexible than standard Nikko but produces thicker hairlines
  • 50% more expensive than Zebra but lasts much longer