About adaptors

Adaptors let you use smaller nibs in our Pump Pens and Fountain Pens.

We provide adaptors for the following nibs:

  • Brause No 511b
  • Crowquills and Hawk quills
  • Gillott 303 nib
  • Principal nib
  • Manga G Nikko
  • Manga G Tachikawa

Each adaptor contains the nib of your choice and matching feed. You can remove the nib and feed to clean them and replace them. You can spin the nib and feed inside the section to find the ideal sweet spot for ink flow. 

To remove the nib from the adaptor, grab the nib between your thumb and forefinger and spin them out of the section. If they are difficult to remove, say, dried ink has locked them into place, soak the adaptor in warm soapy water. If that doesn't work, step up to a stronger cleaning solution. 

Inserting and removing adaptors

You press-fit adaptors into the pen. You press it into the front of your pen and then twist it a bit to make sure it seats completely. The best way to do this is spin the adaptor as you press it in.

Reverse the process to remove an adaptor. Grab the nib and adaptor, twist it a bit, then pull out the adaptor.