Super Sketch Classic Pump Pen

Our Super Sketch Classic Pump Pen is ideal for encouraging the flow of ink or paint, inking in large areas, and for working with thicker mediums. If you enjoy drawing quickly with a flexible and durable nib, the Super Sketch Classic Pump Pen is a great pen to choose. 


One Classic Pump Pen
One Super Sketch nib
One matching feed

Our overfeed is optional, a device designed to maximize the expression of your lines. We ship our super sketch classic pump pen without the overfeed by default.

Other Nibs Your Can Use:

Brause Rose and Ornamental
Hunt Drawing 22B, 56, and 101 (Imperial)
Manga G Nikko, Tackikawa, and Zebra

Order one of our adapters and use the Crowquill, Gillott 303, and Hawk Quill nibs as well as brushes. 

Remove the reservoir and fill the body with ink directly. The guard prevents leaks. 

Available: 281 units in stock

Normale prijs
$ 24.95
Normale prijs
$ 24.95
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