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Manga G Demonstrator Kit

Draw with three popular Manga G nibs in our Demonstrator fountain pen. Manga G nibs are very popular with a wide range of artists. These nibs are very flexible and well made, so they last a long time.

This kits provides one clear piston filling demonstrator with two feeds and three nibs. One feed fits the Zebra Manga G nib while the other feed fits the Nikko and Tachikawa Manga G nibs. This is all you need to get the best out of all three nibs.

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Other nibs you can use

  • Brause Rose, our Sketch nibs, most Brause nibs, some Osmiroid nibs, and selected Hunt nibs, including the 22B, 56, 99, and 101 Imperial
  • Principal nib
  • Insert an adaptor to draw or write with smaller nibs, such as crowquills and Gillott 303 nibs

What you get in the package 

  • One Demonstrator Fountain Pen
  • Two feeds
    • Zebra Manga G nib
    • Nikko and Tachikawa nibs
  • Three Manga G nibs
    • Zebra
    • Nikko
    • Tachikawa
  • User instructions

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