Using quill nib supports

Quill nib supports are spacers that fit inside our Studio Fountain Pens, serve as a backstop for the quill nib, and restrict the flow of ink or paint through the quill nib. Using supports expands the range of inks and paints you can use in our Studio Fountain Pens. 

Insert image SFP with support

Quill nibs need a backstop so the nib doesn't move inside the pen. You can adjust the depth of the backstop for the length of the quill nib you want to use. As you trim the tip of the quill nib, you can move the backsotp forward to adjust for the shorter length quill nib. This way you can maximize the working lifetime of your quill nibs. 

Quill nibs also need a restrictor to control the flow of ink or paint through the nib. Thin inks and paints flow quickly and might pour out if there isn't something to throttle the flow. We provide quill nib supports with three flow rates - tight, regular and full. Tight supports are designed for the thinnest inks. Regular supports are designed for thicker inks and paints. Full size supports are designed for the thickest inks and paints.

Inserting and positioning supports

You use a narrow rod to insert and position a support.

Insert pic rod in pen

A thin chopstick works if you have one. You can order rods from us at a nominal price. Press the support into the front of the pen, then push it back to the right position. Press in your quill nib to determine the right location. If you push the support in too far, stick the rod into the other end of the pen and push the support towards the front of the pen. Over time and as you trim the nib, push the support towards the front so compensate for the shorter nib. 

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