Principal Piston Demo Fountain Pen

Use this Piston Demo fountain pen to draw, write and letter with a Leonardt Principal nib.

  • Provides a large ink capacity
  • Use any ink or paint
  • Crystal clear, keep your eye on the remaining volume
  • Piston filling mechanism
  • Measures 5.0" uncapped, 5.5" capped

A Principal nib in a fountain pen! This pen contains the Leonardt Principal nib and matching feed. Many artists enjoy the Principal nib for its fine point, great flexibility. This is a modern day version of the classic Principality nib, which was very popular 100 years ago, and expensive to purchase now if you can find them. 

Our Piston Demos are attractive clear pens that let you see into the pen and keep an eye on the ink you are using and that quantity that remains. These pens get their name "demo" from "demonstrator" because they demonstrate the inner workings of a fountain pen.

Our Piston Demos provide a piston device to fill and empty the pen. This keeps your hands clean and lets you keep track of the color ink you're using, how much is left in the pen, and switch inks quickly. You can remove the piston device to clean the inside of the pen. 

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What you get in this package

  • One Piston Demo fountain pen
  • One Principal nib
  • Matching ink feed
  • Download user instructions

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