Using Our Quill Nibs

Drawing and lettering with our Quill nibs is a new experience. These nibs are smooth and skate across the paper. Twist and turn the nib for different effects. Put a bit of pressure on the tip and then let up for more effects. You can get a wider variety of drawn lines with our Quill nibs than you can from flexible metal nibs.

You can move your Quill nib in any direction and leave behind a nice solid bead of color.

>Gravity flow works all the time, but you can press the pump when you want a stronger flow. This might be when you want to puddle out a large swath of color or push thicker paint to the tip of the nib. Pumping also helps when you start with a new nib. 

You can shape the tip of the nib to suit your purpose - everything from chisel tip to a point. Our Qull nibs are ideal for broad point lettering and broad line drawing - just clip the nib with a chisel edge. You can also draw pointed freehand scrolling lines - clip the tip to a point. Read more about shaping our Quill nibs.  

You don't have to worry about damaging the nib with the paint you use. You can clean your Quill nib using an old toothbrush, and scrape dried ink off the surface. You can clip the tip to get the shape you want to use. Over time and with use, you will discover what works best for you. 

Every pen comes with a two nib sticks. Counting the Quill nib in the pen, that's five Quill nibs to start with, good for several months of steady drawing and lettering.

You can order extra Quill nibs. They are easy to replace - pull out the old nib and insert the new. 

Pick your size nib

We provide Quill nibs in three sizes: 

  • Small Quill nibs work best with calligraphic inks and fluid acrylic paints, such as India ink and Golden High-Flow Acrylic. 
  • Medium Quill nibs work best with thicker inks and acrylic paint diluted with airbrush solution.
  • Large Quill nibs work best with acrylic paints. 

You can the Quill Nib Fountain Pen Kit or the Quill Nib Pump Pen Kit to obtain all three nib sizes to work with.