Classic Pump Pen with Three Different Manga G Nibs

This Classic Pump Pen comes with three different Manga G nibs. Flexible and made to last, they are very popular with a wide range of artists. Our pump pens are ideal for encouraging the flow of ink or paint, ideal for filling in large areas like backgrounds. Force more ink when you need to. 

Double the ink by removing the reservoir. it's that easy. 


One Classic Pump Pen
One matching feed
Three Manga G Nibs: Nikko, Tachikawa, and Zebra

Other Nibs You Can Use:

Brause Rose
Hunt 22B, 56. and 101
Super Sketch

Order or insert one of our adapters to use Crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs, too. Using one of our overfeeds, optional devices, lets you draw wider lines for a longer time when using a flexible nib. Attach one of our brush tools to wash your drawings with water, diluted ink, or color. 

Only 15 units in stock.

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