About Us

A pen is unique to every person and must fit the user’s personality and grip — not too small, too large, too thick or too thin. The feel of the pen must be appealing. The instrument's performance must be excellent. Nothing is more frustrating than a pen that doesn't work as expected. 

We keep the artist in mind when designing our writing instruments. Everyone’s an artist when they handle a pen! A good pen should enable you to draw or write the way you want to. The pen should fit in your hand, feel comfortable, let you use most drawing inks and paints, and provide a sufficient capacity. 

A pen should also be easy to clean and keep clean over time and through frequent use with little maintenance, and survive the bumps and falls of everyday use. 

We try to achieve all of this through the designs we make and the materials we use. Thousands of different pens have been made, and many of them are excellent. There is no one pen that will provide everything you want, but we keep trying!

Cheers and Happy Scribbling!