About our Pump Pens

Our Pump Pens are designed to let you use popular drawing nibs in a fountain pen, not bother dipping the nib, and pumping more ink or paint when you need it. 

These are durable pens designed to last a life time. This is the 12th version of this pen that we have developed since we first started producing pens 20 years ago. 

Major benefits

  • Use any ink or paint - nothing sticks to the pen, and they're easy to clean
  • Designed to fit the most popular large drawing nibs
  • Replace the nib easily - just slide out one tool and slip in the other
  • Large capacity ink reservoir - draw all day and don't run out
  • Use other nibs of a similar size in the pen
  • Use adaptors to extend the range of nibs and tools you can use

Using the pump

Our Pump Pen is ideal for encouraging the flow of ink or paint. This is especially useful when you want to:

  • Kick start the flow for a new nib
  • Ink in large areas, such as backgrounds and back drops
  • Force more ink or paint for a surge when you want to draw more quickly, flex back nibs or work with quill nibs where the ink flows through the nib tube
  • Work with thicker inks and paints that don't flow easily

You don't have to use the pump all the time. Gravity flow works all the time, same as in a fountain pen. The pump is provided for those situations where you can use it. 

We produce matching Fountain Pens, which are the same pens without the pump. 

Other nibs you can use

There are two categories of drawing nibs defined by size. 

  • Large nibs include the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose and our Sketch nibs. This also includes Hunt 22B, Hunt 56, Hunt 101, Brause Bandzug, Brause Ornamental, and other nibs of a similar size and shape. All these nibs fit our Large Nib Feed. 
  • Smaller nibs include most popular drawing nibs as small as the crowquill to the Principal. 

Pump Pen anatomy

There are three major parts to the pen:

  • Cap
  • Body contains the nib and feed
  • Barrel contains the reservoir

Both the cap and the barrel are screw-fit for a tighter fit and no leakage. The last spin is tight so you lock down the piece.

You can push out the feed and look clear through the body. This makes it easy to clean and hard to plug up, which is ideal when you are working with permanent artistic media, such as India ink and acrylic paint. 

Expand your carrying capacity

You can double the carrying capacity of the pen by removing the cartridge and filling the pen body with ink or paint. This removes the "double wall protection" provided by a cartridge, but the screw seal on the body is tight, so there is little risk of leakage. 

Our pens are fun to use, easy to clean, and hard to plug up.