Piston Demos

Super Sketch Piston Demo

Use this Piston Demo fountain pen to draw, write and letter using our Super Sketch nib.  

  • Use any drawing ink
  • Slip the nib in and out easily
  • Large capacity reservoir - draw all day and don't worry about running out
  • Screw-on cap prevents leakage
  • Capped pen is 5.5” long, uncapped is 5.0”

Note: Available for shipping June 6, 2022. 

Our Super Sketch nibs are flexible nibs that let you draw in every direction quickly and easily, perfect for sketching. While the design is based on Manga G nibs, the tips of our Sketch nibs won’t catch on the paper and snag. You can replace the nib easily - slide out the old nib and insert the new. These nibs last a long time, and you can polish and shape them to your purpose. 

Our Piston Demos are attractive clear pens that let you see into the pen and keep track of your ink quantity. They get their name "demo" from "demonstrator" because they demonstrate the inner workings of a fountain pen. 

Our piston demos use a piston device to fill and empty the pen. This keeps your hands clean and lets you keep track of the color ink you're using, how much is left in the pen, and switch inks quickly. You can remove the piston device to clean the inside of the pen. 

You can order more Sketch nibs. 

View all our Sketch nib pens and our Piston Demos 

Polishing Sketch nibs

Sketch nibs are similar to traditional fountain pens and last much longer than dip nibs. Paper is rough, so your Sketch nibs will need polishing from time to time on the underside of the tip. You can also reshape the tip with more vigorous polishing if you want a special effect, such as left oblique or stub.

Other nibs you can use

  • Three Manga G nibs made by Nikko, Tachikawa and Zebra
  • Several Brause nibs including the Rose and Ornamental
  • Leonardt Principal nib
  • Our Sketch nibs
  • Four Hunt drawing nibs including the 22B, 56, 99 and 101
  • Use our adapters to draw or write with smaller nibs like the crowquill, Gillott 303 nibs and our quill nibs. 

What you get in the package

  • One Piston Demo fountain pen
  • One Sketch nib
  • Matching feed
  • Download user instructions 

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