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Principal Fountain Pen

Draw or letter with a Principal nib in our Fountain Pen. 

  • Contains one Principal nib and matching feed
  • Replace the nib when it wears down or snaps - slip out the old and stick in the new
  • Use other nibs - see the list below
  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink or acrylic paint
  • Large capacity cartridge - draw all day and don't worry about running out
  • Screw-on cap and body prevent leakage

    You can double the volume of ink or paint stored in the pen by removing the reservoir and filling the body. The reservoir provides a double wall of guaranteed protection, which might be what you want, but it does reduce your carrying capacity. 

    Read more details about our Fountain Pens

    You can order additional Principal nibs.  

    We also provide the Principal Pump Pen

    Other nibs you can use

    • Nikko and Tachikawa Manga G nibs fit perfectly
    • Use our Large Nib feed to support Zebra Manga G nibs, Brause Rose nibs, our Sketch nibs and selected Hunt drawing nibs
    • Use an adaptor to draw or letter with Gillott 303 nibs and crowquills

    Wash your drawings

    You can attach our Brush Tool to wash your drawings with water or dilute ink as well as paint with watercolors.

    What you get in the package

    • One Fountain Pen
    • One Principal nib
    • One Principal feed
    • User instructions

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