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Metal Nib Studio Fountain Pens

Enjoy drawing and lettering with the more popular drawing nibs using our Metal Nib Studio Pump Pens.

  • Use any ink or paint, including India ink and acrylic paint
  • Especially suitable for thicker inks and paints
  • Change the shape of your quill nib to suit your purpose - from pointed pen to chisel tip and everything in between
  • Easy to clean - flush and brush

You can take these pens into the field, but that's not their ideal environment. These are simple pens - caps on either end. You fill them from the back, cap the back, then draw with the nib in the front. 

We also provide Quill Studio Pump Pens

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Pick your nib 

Choose from the following metal nibs:

  • Brause Rose
  • Crowquill including Japanese Maru nibs
  • Gillott 303
  • Hunt drawing nibs
  • Manga G nibs
    • Zebra
    • Nikko
    • Tachikawa
  • Principal
  • Sketch nib

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