Gillott 303 Adapter

Use this adapter to draw and write using a Gillott 303 nib in our pens. This adapter contains the Gillott 303 nib and our Gillott 303 feed so you can draw and write with a controlled flow of ink and not bother dipping. 

You can use other nibs with a similar size and shape, such as the Gillott 404, which is a stiffer version of the 303. 

Hardshell or softshell?

Hardshell adapters are designed to fit into the pen tightly and become an integral part of your pen. They aren't easy to remove. You can insert and remove them, but we recommend you don't do that often, otherwise they might start to leak. Unfortunately we are not selling hardshell adapters until the end of November.

Softshell adapters are designed to let you exchange different tools periodically. The soft compressible shell makes them easier to insert and remove, while protecting against leaks. If over time they start to leak, you can replace the shell with two extras we include with each softshell adapter. You can order more shells if you need them. 

We ship the softshell adapter unless you select the hard shell. 

We provide adapters for other drawing tools including metal nibs, brushes and quill nibs. 

What you get in the package

  • Adapter shell, hard or soft depending on what you select
  • Gillott 303 nib
  • Gillott 303 feed
  • Two extra soft shells if you ordered the softshell adapter

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