Piston Filling Demonstrator Fountain Pen

This is a clear fountain pen with a piston filling mechanism and your favorite large drawing nib. 

  • Contains the Manga G Zebra, Brause Rose or our Sketch nib and matching feed
  • Remove the nib to clean or replace it
  • Use any ink or paint
  • Keep your eye on your ink volume
  • Easy to fill with piston

This is a large pen measuring 5.25" uncapped and 5.5" capped. You can't post this pen (put the cap on the back) because of the piston turn knob. 

Manga G Large Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Great for sketching in the field and in the studio. Beautiful pen to handle. Crystal clear. 

We sell three versions of this pen:

  • Brause Rose Piston Filler
  • Manga G Zebra Piston Filler
  • Sketch Nib Piston Filler

Gift box

The pen is delivered in a charming metal box you can use to store the pen safely or use as a gift box when you give the pen to someone else. 

Ackerman Pens large demonstrator gift box

Piston filler you can clean

Piston fillers are handy pens - no need to change cartridges when you run out or fill a converter, which can be awkward. Just stick the nib into a container of ink and suck it up by twisting the piston knob. Only problem is that ink and paint can collect inside the reservoir and plug up the pen or wear down the piston seals. 

That's not a problem with this pen. You can disassemble the back of the pen to remove the piston and clean the reservoir. Here are the instructions. You can also replace the piston seals with two extras provides in the kit. This is a handy pen that is built to last. 

Using other nibs in this pen

You can also use the following nibs in this pen:

  • Hunt 22B
  • Hunt 56
  • Hunt 101
  • Brause Bandzug
  • Brause Ornamental