Sketch Nibs

Our Sketch nibs are durable and flexible sketching nibs that provide the following advantages:

  • You can move our Sketch nibs in any direction quickly and easily - the tip won't catch or snag
  • They respond to light hand pressure to give you a nice range of line variation
  • They're flexible yet durable so difficult to "spring" or bend too far
  • You can polish the tips using lapping film or a brown paper bag to keep the tip smooth - just a few strokes does the trick
  • They last a long time - they won't snap or rust like dip nibs

Our Sketch nibs are designed for sketching - hence the name - and provide good line variation, some flex, and will last a long time. They fit our Large Nib Feeds designed for the Zebra Manga G and Brause Rose nibs. 

Our Sketch nibs do not make as fine hairlines as the Manga G and Brause Rose nibs although they get close. The problem with those nibs is that the tip is very sharp and can dig into the paper when you move it in the direction the nib points. Our Sketch nibs are designed to move freely in all directions quickly. The tip doesn't snag or catch on the paper. This lets you draw more quickly and confidently. You can do that sort of thing with finely pointed nibs only after lots of practice. 

You can polish your Sketch nib from time to time to keep it smooth. You can also reshape the tip, anything from a sharp point to a chisel tip, even oblique. You can make as fine a point as you find on the Manga G nibs, but you won't be able to move the nib as quickly. 

We provide instructions for polishing and reshaping your Sketch nib.  

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