Manga G Pens

Basic Fountain Pen

Welcome to our Basic Fountain Pen. This pen is identical to our Classic Fountain Pen except the barrel is made from a single piece and the body width is slightly thinner, so it's easier to grip. All this combines to give you the same benefits as our Classic Fountain Pens at a lower price, and some would say, more convenience. 

There is no removable cartridge. You fill the pen through the front using an eye dropper provided with each pen. You can also pour ink into the pen from a bottle if you're careful. By removing the reservoir and using a single piece for the body, we are able to provide a less expensive pen that does all the things our classic model provides.

  • You can use any ink or paint, including India ink - nothing sticks
  • You can use your favorite drawing nib from a list of nine
  • You can slip nibs and feeds in and out, the same nibs and feeds you can use in our Classic Fountain Pens

You can clean the pen easily and quickly - just pull out the nib and feed, shake out the ink, flush the body with warm water, fill with ink, reinsert the nib and feed, and off you go.

Everything is the same as our Classic Fountain Pen except the storage method and the price. This makes it the ideal pen for use in the field. It is a rugged single piece pen that holds a lot of ink.

Nibs you can use

If you order a pen that contains the Zebra feed, you can use the following nibs:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Brause Rose
  • Sketch Nib
  • Hunt 22, 56 and 101 nibs

If you order a pen that contains the Nikko/Tachikawa feed, you can use the following nibs:

  • Nikko Manga G
  • Tachikawa Manga G
  • Principal

You can use adapters to draw and write with the crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs. 

    What you get in the package

    • One Basic Fountain Pen
    • Nib of your choice with matching feed

    For more info . . .

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