Ball Point Fountain Pens

Ball Point Piston Demo Fountain Pen

Use our Ball Point Piston Demo fountain pen to draw and write with a ball point nib. 

  • Provides a large ink capacity
  • Use most writing or drawing inks
  • Crystal clear pen body lets you keep your eye on the remaining volume
  • Piston filling mechanism is easy to fill, empty and clean
  • Measures 5.0" uncapped, 5.5" capped

This pen uses a fine ball point for the nib. Most artists don’t enjoy ball point pens because it’s difficult to vary the line, and traditional ball point ink is thin so it fades over time. This ball point pen avoids most of those problems. You can vary the line a bit by pressing down on the pen, but the best part is that you can use the drawing ink you prefer. This lets you add very thin lines to your drawings repeatedly using the same ink you use for drawing with a flexible nib.    

Our Piston Demos are attractive clear pens that let you see into the pen and keep and eye on the ink you are using and that quantity that remains. These pens get their name "demo" from "demonstrator" because they demonstrate the inner workings of a fountain pen.

Our Piston Demos provide a piston device to fill and empty the pen. This keeps your hands clean and lets you keep track of the color ink you're using, how much is left in the pen, and switch inks quickly. You can remove the piston to clean the inside of the pen. 

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What you get in this package

  • One Piston Demo fountain pen 
  • One ball point nib
  • Download user instructions

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