Quill Nib Sticks

Quill nibs are cut from quill sticks. We produce the sticks, then we cut the individual nibs as needed.

Use quill nib sticks to cut individual quill nibs. Each stick measures 4" or 10 cm long, enough for three or four nibs depending on how long you cut them. 

There are three sizes of nib sticks as measured at the diameter:

  • Small nib sticks measuring 0.15" or 3 mm
  • Medium nib sticks measuring 0.20 or 4 mm
  • Large nib sticks measuring 0.25" or 5 mm

Note: We can create custom size nib sticks if you want to use larger or smaller quill nibs.

Nib sticks are easy to cut into individual quill nibs. Use a sharp pair of scissors, nail clippers, or a craft knife. Once you cut the quill nibs, you can shape them to your purpose.

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