Hunt 101 Nibs

Hunt 101 drawing nibs are popular with a wide range of artists. They are medium size and flexible. The Hunt 101 nib emulates the famous Principality nib, which was a favorite in the Golden Age of fountain pens 100 years ago. Brand new. 

This nib is one of five Hunt drawing nibs we sell. The other four are:

  • Hunt 22B
  • Hunt 56
  • Hunt 102 crowquill
  • Hunt 108 Hawk quill

Pens that contain Hunt drawing nibs

  • Classic Fountain Pen
  • Classic Pump Pen
  • Piston Demo Pen
Κανονική τιμή
$ 2.00
Κανονική τιμή
$ 2.00
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Τιμή μονάδας
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