Gillott 303 Adaptor

Use our Gillott 303 adaptor to draw, write and letter with a Gillott 303 nib in your Classic Fountain Pen or Classic Pump Pen.  


  • Draw, letter and write but don't worry about dipping
  • Remove the nib to clean or replace it
  • Remove the adaptor to use another tool in your pen

What you get

  • One Gillott 303 nib
  • One Gillott 303 adaptor containing a Gillott 303 feed
  • Instructions for use

You can order additional Gillott 303 nibs separately.

Other nibs you can use

  • You can use a Gillot 404 in the adaptor, which is the same size as the 303, just stiffer
  • Other small nibs, such as crowquills, using our adaptors
  • You can use the following large nibs by removing the adaptor and inserting a large nib feed:
    • Brause Bandzug, Ornamental and Rose nibs
    • Hunt drawing nibs 22B, 56 and 101 Imperial
    • Manga G nibs by Nikko, Tachikawa and Zebra
    • Principal nibs by Leonardt
    • Our quill nibs

For more information

Κανονική τιμή
$ 8.95
Κανονική τιμή
$ 8.95
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Τιμή μονάδας
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