Using our Brush Tool

 Our Brush Tool is designed to fit on the back of our Classic Pens and let you wash your drawings using water or dilute ink, or add a touch of waterolor. 

Just fill the tool with the liquid you want to use, press the Brush Tool onto the back of your pen, and start washing. Hold the pen in your normal fashion and draw lines with 

Brush Tool

the nib, then spin the pen in your hand a half turn and start washing your drawn line. Depending on the absorbency of the paper you are using, you might need to wait a few seconds for the ink to settle into the paper, otherwise you could wash your line away. 

Washing your drawn lines helps bring out depth in your drawings. It can take some practice to wash your drawings effectively, but the effort is worth it.  

You can also touch the brush to watercolor and apply color to your drawings. Here's an example of Shari Blaukopf applying watercolor to her ink drawing. 


Cleaning the Brush Tool

To clean the Brush Tool, remove it from the pen, pull out the brush and ferrule, and flush the inside with warm water. If you've used watercolor, you might have to reach inside with a bottle brush. Squeeze the brush hairs to make sure you remove all ink and paint that might have dried inside the brush hairs.