Brush Tool

Use our Brush Tool to wash your drawings with water, dilute ink or watercolor. Begin by filling the Brush Tool with the liquid you want to use, then press the Brush Tool onto the back of your Classic Fountain Pen or Classic Pump Pen, and you're ready to wash. Start by drawing your lines as usual, then spin the pen in your hand one half turn and use the brush to wash your drawn lines. Washing properly takes a bit of practice, but it's a technique you can soon master.  You can also dip the brush into watercolor and add color to your drawings. For more details and a video, see Using our Brush Tool. Additional brushes are available in our shop. They're easy to replace - just pull out the old brush with ferrule, replace with the new brush, and insert new brush and ferrule back into the Brush Tool body. 
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$ 9.95
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