Brause Rose Piston Demo Fountain Pen

Draw, write and letter with our Brause Rose Piston Demo Fountain Pen, which is our Piston Demo Fountain Pen with a Brause Rose nib. A Brause Rose nib is very flexibile and provides a wide variation of line width. 

Use any ink, even India ink, and most drawing paints. Crystal clear, let's you keep your eyes on the color you're using and the volume remaining. 


One Piston Demo Fountain Pen
One Brause Rose nib and matching feed

Other Nibs You Can Use

Brause Rose Ornamental
Hunt drawing nibs, including 22B, 56, 99, and 101
Manga G Nikko
Manga G Tachikawa
Manga G Zebra

Choose your color

Pick from blue cap and piston or black cap and piston.

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$ 19.95
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