Basic Fountain Pen

Meet our Basic Fountain Pen, which is identical to our Classic Fountain Pen except the Basic Fountain Pen barrel is made from a single piece and the body width is slightly thinner, so it's easier to grip. All this combines to give you the same benefits as our Classic Fountain Pens at a lower price, and some would say, more convenience. 

Use any ink — including India — or paint. No removable cartridge!

Included in this package: 

One Basic Fountain Pen
One nib of your choice with matching feed

Nibs You Can Use:

When ordering a pen that contains the Zebra feed, you can use the following nibs:

Brause Rose
Hunt 22, 56, or 101
Manga G Zebra

When ordering a pen that contains the Nikko/Tachikawa feed, use the following nibs:

Manga G Nikko
Manga G Tachikawa

Use adapters to draw and write with the Crowquill and Gillott 303 nibs.

Available: 520 units in stock

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Normaler Preis
$ 14.95
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