Using our Quill Nibs

Our quill nibs are remarkable drawing tools. They skate over paper effortlessly, and you can leave behind a wide variety of strokes. You can use any type of ink or paint, even enamel and lacquer. Our quill nibs are ideal with thick colorful inks and paint. We don't recommend drawing with the thickest media because it can dry out and crust up on the nibs, but if you flush your nibs frequently, no problem. This means you can use practically any colorful media that flows, and you can shape the tip to shape the line you draw. Quill nibs are clear, but they aren't plastic. They're 100% cellulose acetate, so 100% recyclable.

Note: This page is one of two pages describing how to use our quill nibs. This page introduces quill nibs and describes how to use them while shaping quill nibs describes how you can cut the nibs to get different effects when you draw with the nibs.

We provide quill nibs with all of our pens.

Some of these pens are available now. The Studio Pens are currently being tested before release.

If you already have one of our Classic Pens, you can slip large quill nibs into them. Our Piston Demos are configured differently for metal nibs and quill nibs. If you want to use the medium or small quill nibs, you can use our quill nib adapters. If you purchase medium or small quill nibs, we will include adapters on your order so they work in your pens.

We sell quill nibs cut to size, usually one and a half inches long.