Feeds and flow

The feed is just as important as the nib. Feeds and nibs work together. A good nib can't do much without a good matching feed. 

All about feeds

There are sets of the same feeds in this image. The three on the left are angled so you can see the ink channel. The three on the right are the same feeds from the top down to show you they are the same length.

If you look at the set of three feeds on the left, the feed in the middle is our original model. Most people like this feed the best. Some call it the "first feed", others call it the "fast feed". It is designed for large nibs with overfeeds.

The feed on the left is our second model. This is called the "slow feed". You can see the ink channel is smaller.

The feed on the right is the original feed reduced in diameter for large nibs without overfeeds. 

We plan to expand our line of feeds beginning in January. We will offer different configurations, different size ink channels, and introduce other features that should improve their performance and your drawing.