Pens with Overfeeds


Our overfeed is designed to let you draw wider lines for a longer period of time using our most popular flexible pointed nibs - Brause Rose, our Sketch nibs, and the three most popular Manga G nibs by Zebra, Nikko and Tachikawa. 

Note: The picture for this product shows two overfeeds so you can see what our overfeed looks like from different angles. You only receive one overfeed when you place an order unless you specify a larger number. 

The three pens below show what overfeeds look like in our pens. 

The overfeed is inserted into the pen and lays on top of the nib. This lets the overfeed hold more ink between the overfeed and the nib, hence the name "over feed". As the flexible nib bends back and lifts off the under feed, the tip of the overfeed sticks into the gap between the two sides of the nib, and keeps ink flowing to the tip of the nib. This extra storage enables you to draw wider lines for a longer time when the nib flexes back and lifts off the underfeed. 

Note: Your pen must be configured for an overfeed if you want to use them.  

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