Manga G Zebra with Overfeed Pump Pen

A fountain pen with a Zebra Manga G nib and overfeed. If you like to draw with a Zebra Manga G nib, this is a great pen for you. 

  • Contains a Zebra Manga G nib and matching feed
  • Replace the nib easily - slide out the old and insert the new
  • Use any ink or paint
  • Cartridge filler with large capacity
  • Contains an overfeed, which expands the width and extends the length of lines drawing with a flexible nib

This is a work horse drawing pen with a large capacity. 

The overfeed is a device that rests on top of the nib and lets you draw wider lines and longer lines. We recommend using overfeeds with flexible dip nibs, such as the Manga G.

 Gen 12 pen side view

You can add five Zebra Manga G nibs to your order. 

Other nibs you can use in this pen

You can use the Brause Bandzug, Brause Rose, Hunt 56, and our Sketch nibs in this pen, as well as nibs of a similar size and shape. 

You can use other adaptors in this pen, which let you work with different nibs in the same pen. Just slide out the old adaptor and insert the new. 


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