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Piston Filling Demonstrator Pens

Manga G Tachikawa Piston Filler Demonstrator Large

Piston filler demonstrators are attractive clear pens that let you fill and empty using a piston device. This keeps your hands clean and lets you switch inks quickly and keep an eye on your remaining ink supply. They get their name "demonstrator" because they demonstrate the inner workings of a fountain pen.

  • Provides a large ink capacity
  • Use any ink or paint
  • Select your feed rate for large nibs
  • Crystal clear, keep your eye on the remaining volume
  • Piston filling mechanism
  • Measures 5.25" uncapped, 5.5" capped

We provide two types of piston filling demonstrator fountain pens: standard and large. This large model . . .

  • Contains a Tachikawa Manga G nib and matching feed
  • Lets you replace the nib easily - slide out the old and insert the new
  • Uses nibs of a similar size an shape, such as the Nikko Manga G nibs

Other nibs you can use in this pen

  • Slip in the Nikko Manga G nib - works perfectly
  • Slip in the Zebra Manga G works, but the fit isn't as secure. Buy our Large Nib feed and use the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and our Sketch nibs, also several Hunt nibs (22B, 56, and 101)
  • Buy our Principal feed and use that nib
  • Buy our Gillott 303 feed and use that nib
  • Buy our Crowquill feed and use all quill nibs

What this package contains

  • One Clear Demonstrator Piston Filling Fountain Pen 
  • One adaptor containing a Tachikawa Manga G nib with matching feed
  • User instructions

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