Pens with Overfeeds

Manga G Zebra Fountain Pen with Overfeed

Draw and write with a Zebra Manga G nib in our Fountain Pen using an overfeed.

  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink or acrylic paint
  • Slip the nib in and out easily
  • Overfeed extends the width and range of your drawn lines
  • Use other nibs - see the list below
  • Select your feed rate
  • Large capacity cartridge - draw all day and don't worry about running out
  • Screw-on cap and body prevent leakage

For more details, seePump Pens

You can order additional Zebra Manga G nibs.

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About the overfeed

The overfeed extends the width and range of lines you can draw. It rests above the nib, stores more ink between the nib and overfeed, and controls the degree of flex, which lets you draw wider lines for a longer time. Read more about our overfeeds

Replace the overfeed with a spacer when you don't want to use the overfeed. Slip overfeeds and spacers in and out.

About the reservoir

You can double the volume of ink or paint stored in the pen by removing the reservoir and filling the body. The reservoir provides a double wall of protection, which might be what you want, but you can carry more volume without the reservoir.

Select your feed flow rate

You can select your rate of ink flow. We provide the standard flow feed with this pen, which works with most popular drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic. You can order the rich flow feed to draw and write with exceptionally thick inks and paints, however, we recommend the standard flow when you start out.

Other nibs you can use

  • Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, most other Brause nibs, our Sketch nibs, many Osmiroid nibs, and the Hunt 22B, 56, and 101
  • Insert our Nikko/Tachikawa feed to use those nibs as well as the Leonardt Principal
  • Insert an adaptor to draw and write with the crowquill or Gillott 303

Brush Attachment

You can attach our Brush Attachment Tool to the back of this pen and use it to wash your drawing or add one shade of watercolor.

What you get in this package

  • One Fountain Pen
  • One Zebra Manga G nib
  • Matching feed and your choice of flow rate
  • One overfeed
  • User instructions

For more info . . .

Videos on YouTube

  • Quick tour
  • Testing the flow and flex