Sketch Nib Pump Pen with Overfeed

If you enjoy drawing with a strong yet flexible nib that gives you good line variation but won't snap or rust, you will enjoy this pen. It contains our Sketch nib, which lays down a nice rich line and lasts for a long time with proper care. 

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and insert the new nib. The overfeed extends the performance of our Sketch nib so you can draw wider lines for a longer distance.

You have two choices of Sketch nib: pointed or stub. Be sure to make your selection below. We suggest you select the pointed Sketch nib if you aren't familiar with stub nibs. Pointed Sketch nibs let you draw finer lines. 

Our Sketch nib is the same size and shape as the Manga G nib, however, the tip doesn't come to as sharp a point. This lets you move the nib through a wider range without the nib catching or skipping on the paper, and it leaves a rich line of ink behind. 

If you prefer not to use an overfeed for awhile, you can replace the overfeed with a spacer. This returns the pen to a standard Pump Pen with no overfeed. When you want to switch back, just remove the spacer and insert the overfeed. 

We provide two pieces of lapping paper with this Sketch Nib pen so you can keep your Sketch nib smooth.  

Note: I don't suggest you use a Sketch nib with an overfeed. I wouldn't post this version of the Sketch pen except that people keep ordering it and seem to enjoy it. 

Adjustments you can make

You can adjust the positions of the nib, under feed and overfeed to find the sweet spot for your pen. We try to make the nib and feed fit correctly, but you are dealing with a cheap dip nib. Slide the nib back and forth on the feed, slide the underfeed in and out of the pen, and slide the overfeed over th enib until you find the right combination that works for you. 

Using other nibs in this pen

You can also use the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and Brause Bandzug in this pen. 


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