Original pens

Developed and sold for 20 years through 12 generations and thousands of users who were generous with their feedback. 

We designed these pens with these guidelines. A good pen has to fit in your hand, feel comfortable when you move it, apply a line of ink or paint that you find pleasing, and do this reliably with little fuss or muss.
In addition we provide the following mechanical and engineering qualities:
  • We employ Delrin for the pen body so ink and paint won't stick to the inner surfaces
  • We also use Delrin for the feed, a "wettable" material that encourages the flow of ink through the feed
  • The feed has direct contact with the reservor so there's no narrow passageway to plug up
  • The feed has a sufficiently wide channel to provide a rich flow
  • We design the feed with a friction grip so you can remove and reinsert nibs easily, yet ink will not leak
  • You can remove the feed so you can flush clean the inside of the pen
  • The cap and body are tightly threaded to prevent leakage
These design features improve the performance of your pen and let you work with a wider range of fluid media, including India ink and arcylic paint.