Manga G Zebra Fountain Pen

Draw and write with a Zebra Manga G nib in our Fountain Pen.

  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink or acrylic paint
  • Slip the nib in and out easily
  • Also use the Brause Rose or our Sketch nib
  • Select your feed rate below - standard or rich. 
  • Large capacity cartridge - draw all day and don't worry about running out
  • Screw-on cap and body prevent leakage
  • Easy to clean - field strip the pen and reassemble in 30 seconds

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We also provide this nib in a Pump Pen.

Select your feed rate

We provide feeds with three different feed rates:

  • Standard for thinner inks, such as Noodler's. This feed is shipped by default.
  • Full for traditional India inks and thinner acrylic paints, like Golden Hi- Flow
  • Rich works better with thicker inks and paints

    What you get in this package

    • One Fountain Pen containing a Zebra Manga G nib with matching feed
    • Instructions for care and use of the pen

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    Feed flow

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