Our large nib pens contain your choice of the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose or our Sketch nib. You can remove and exchange the nib easily - slide out the current nib out and slip in the new nib.

You can also use feeds with three different flow rates.

    Fine flow feed works with thinner inks, especially regular fountain pen inks used or writing and drawing
  • Standard flow feed works with most popular drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic
  • Rich flow feed works with thicker inks and paints, especially traditional India inks and acrylic paint

Again, easy to remove and exchange - pull out the current feed and insert the new feed. 

Choose a Fountain Pen or Pump Pen. The only difference is the pump. Gravity flow works all the time in both pens, but if you want a stronger flow, press the pump on the Pump Pen. You get what you press - from a drop to a gush. Great for kick starting the flow in a new nib, drawing with crowquill nibs, or inking in large areas. 

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