Pump Pen Kit

Our Pump Pen with four large nibs:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Brause Rose
  • Sketch nibs
    • Version 1 for practice polishing
    • Version 2 for drawing

Note: We are currently out of stock with our Pump Pens, and will be resupplied the second week of December. You can pre-order this Pump Pen if you want to wait for the pen to be delivered once we receive the resupply. Ordering the pen now puts you on the wait list for immediate shipment when we are resupplied. 

You can also other nibs in this pen, including:

  • Most large Brause nibs including Brauze Bandzug and Ornament
  • Most Osmiroid nibs
  • Several Hunt nibs including the 22B, 56, and 101 Imperial

What you get

  • Black Pump Pen
  • Four nibs
    • Zebra Manga G
    • Brause Rose
    • Sketch nib version 1
    • Sketch nib version 2
  • Instructions for maintaining Sketch nibs
  • One piece of lapping film to polish the Sketch nibs
  • User instructions

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