Dip Nib Tester Kit

Do you want to try the more popular dip nibs and see what kind of line you can draw with them? Here's the kit - six of the most popular drawing dip nibs and two sticks to hold the nibs. This is the kit for you.

  • Brause Bandzug nib
  • Crowquill (Hunt 102)
  • Gillott 303 nib
  • Hunt 56 Drawing nib
  • Speedball nib (C-2)
  • Zebra Manga G

Two broad or chisel nibs (Bandzug, Speedball) and four pointed nibs. You can work with four nibs at a time, one in each end of the two sticks. 

All you need is ink and paper. Try out each nib and see what you think. 

We've been asked to post sample drawings made from each type of nib, but using a nib is a personal expression. Some people draw one way, some another. We've seen people draw with the Manga G nib (large) and get the same effect as someone else drawing with a crowquill (small), yet they are two completely different nibs. 


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