Combo Large Nib Pen Kit

One Pump Pen and one Fountain Pen with three large nibs:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Brause Rose
  • Sketch nib

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Other nibs you can use

  • Slip in other large nibs, such as other Brause nibs, some Osmiroid nibs, and selected Hunt nibs, including the 22B, 56, 99, and 101 Imperial
  • Use adaptors to work with smaller popular nibs

All three feeds

You get all three feeds with this kit:
  • Fine flow feed works with thinner inks, such as standard fountain pen inks for writing and drawing 
  • Standard flow feed works with most popular drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic
  • Full flow feed works with thicker inks and paints, especially traditional India inks and acrylic paints

What you get in the package

  • One Pump Pen with feed of your choice
  • One Fountain Pen with feed of your choice
  • Four nibs
    • Zebra Manga G
    • Brause Rose
    • Sketch nib version 1 to practice polishing 
    • Sketch nib version 2 for drawing
  • Instructions for polishing the Sketch nib
  • Three feeds: Fine, standard and full
  • One piece of lapping film to polish your Sketch nibs
  • User instructions

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