Gen 13 Pump Pens

A simple and inexpensive clear fountain pen designed for use with the more popular artist drawing nibs.

The pump lets you force more ink or paint to the nib. Great for inking in large areas, kick starting a new nib, and working with thicker inks and paints. 

As usual:

  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink and acrylic paint
  • Easy to clean, empty and clean
  • Hard to plug up
  • Accepts adaptors, which lets you use a range of popular nibs and switch between them easily
  • Pump more when you want a stronger flow

We provide a version of this pen without the pump. See our Gen 13 Fountain Pens

The current list of supported nibs includes:

  • Manga G
    • Zebra Manga G
    • Nikko Manga G (same as Tachikawa)
    • Tachikawa Manga G (same as Nikko)
  • Crowquill (select Quill below)
    • All Hunt quills including Hunt 102, 108 and their Hawkquill (108)
    • Gillott quills
    • Mitchell quills
    • All Manga quills
  • Gillott 303
  • Leonardt Principal
  • Clear Cut nibs

Click the Nib list below to find the nib that interests you. 

Note: We do not yet sell individual nib inserts, however, we plan to in the near future. 

If you can't find your nib in the list, send us a message. We will see if any existing configuration works for your nib, or we should devise a new pen for your nib. 

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  • We will post YouTube videos soon