Gen 13 Fountain Pens

A simple and inexpensive clear fountain pen designed for use with the more popular artist drawing nibs.

  • Use any ink or paint, even India ink and acrylic paint
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to fill, empty and clean
Accepts any of our Gen 13 Fountain Pen adaptors which lets you use a wide range of popular drawing nibs in the same pen. Easy to switch, just pull out one and press in the other.

    We have another version of this pen with a pump. See our Gen 13 Pump Pens

    The current list of supported nibs includes:

    • Manga G
      • Zebra Manga G
      • Nikko Manga G
      • Tachikawa Manga G
    • Crowquill (select Quill below)
      • All Hunt quills including 102, 108 and Hawk Quill (107)
      • Gillott quills
      • All Manga quills
    • Gillott 303
    • Leonardt Principal

    Click the Nib list below to find nibs that interests you. 

    If you can't find your nib in the list, send us a message. We will see if any existing configuration works for your nib, or we should devise a new pen for your nib. 

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    • We will post YouTube videos soon