Feeds for Large Nibs

Our large nib feeds support the Zebra Manga G, Brause Rose, and our Sketch nibs. These feeds fit our Fountain Pens and Pump Pens and provide three different flow rates.

  • Fine works with thinner inks, designed for continuously fine work, ideal if all you want to do is write. 
  • Standard works with most inks and paints.
  • Rich works with India inks and acrylic paints for fountain pens, such as Golden Hi-Flow. 
  • Full works with thicker calligraphy inks and paints, and provides a strong flow for all liquids. 

By default we ship the Standard feed, which works with most inks and paints. If you find this feed does not suit your needs, you can exchange it for another feed.

These are "rules of thumb". We can't predict which feed will work best for you because many variables control the flow rate of ink and paint.

You can insert and remove these feeds by hand into all of our pens that accommodate large nibs. 

    We also produce adaptors that support smaller popular drawings nibs, such as the Gillott 303, Principal, and Manga G nibs made by Tachikawa and Nikko. 

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