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Brause Rose Feeds

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Use this feed so you can draw and write with the Brause Rose nib in our black Fountain Pens and Pump Pens.

This feed is identical to the Zebra Manga G feed, Sketch nib feed, and Hunt nib feed, which means you can use the following nibs with this feed:

  • Zebra Manga G
  • Most other Brause nibs
  • Our Sketch nibs
  • Several Osmiroid nibs including their Sketch nib
  • Hunt nibs 22B, 56, and 101 Imperial

You can insert and remove this feed by hand.

This feed is identical to three other feeds we list for sale:

We plan to open up sales to everyone soon.

Pick Your Feed Flow Rate

You have three choices of flow rate:

  • Thin Flow Feed works with thin fountain pen inks designed for artists, such as De Artamentis and Noodler's. 
  • Standard flow feed works with most popular artistic drawing inks and paints including Golden Hi-Flow Acrylic
  • Rich flow feed works with thicker inks and paints, especially traditional India inks and acrylic paints

We recommend the Standard Flow Feed unless you're working with exceptionally thin or thick inks. We provide the Standard Flow Feed by default unless you select another feed for your pen. 

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