Hawk Quill adaptor

Use this adaptor to modify your fountain pen so you can draw with a Hawk quill nib in your Small Demonstrator. 

  • Contains a Hunt 108 Hawk quill nib and our quill feed
  • Call this our "Quill adaptor", since it takes all crowquill and Hawk quill nibs
  • You can remove the Hawk quill nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out the old nib and replace it with the new nib. Make sure you line up the hole in the feed with the hole in the Hawk quill as described in Adjusting the flow in your Ackerman quill pen.

All of our fountain pens come with one adaptor in the pen. You can use other adaptors, which let you work with more than one nib in a pen. To exchange adaptors, push out the old adaptor and insert the new. 

Other nibs you can use in this adaptor

You can use all crowquill and Hawk quill nibs.


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