The Illustrious History Of The Fountain Pen

September 14, 2016

Whether you’re an artist or not, chances are you’ve encountered a fountain pen at least once in your life. You may have received one as a gift or purchased it for your drawing hobby. You might even be carrying it in your breast pocket right now!

You've probably never stopped to think about the fact that the fountain pen is a pretty marvelous invention that completely changed the way human beings write and create art.

Keep reading to discover some fast facts about how the fountain pen and its parts were invented. Then stick around to shop the full selection of fountain pens and replacement parts here on the Ackerman Pens website!

Fountain Pens Were Invented To Solve A Serious Problem

Early writing instruments, like quills and no-reservoir pens, allowed humans to write precisely but they had one big flaw: they had to be constantly dipped in ink, making it very easy to ruin a sheet of paper with drips.

Fountain Pens Were Invented Earlier Than You Might Think

According to History Of Pencils,the “[e]arliest mention of a pen that has an ink reservoir is from year 973. Ma'ād al-Mu'izz, the caliph of the Maghreb, region of Northwest Africa, asked for a pen that would keep his hand clean while he uses it and would not leave as much mess as standard pens and quills. His wish was fulfilled with a pen that held ink inside and could be held upside-down without spilling but we don’t know precisely how this pen worked or how it looked like.”

Later, a German inventor named Daniel Schwenter created a fountain pen using two quills. A quill that could be closed with a cork was filled with ink and placed inside the other quill. Ink was dispensed through a small hole which directed it through the nib.

Thankfully, fountain pens and their parts have become much more sophisticated since these early days. Today, Ackerman Pens is proud to offer some of the finest fountain pens and replacement parts on the market. Shop our full selection today!

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